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2014 NBA Rookie Transition Program

By Cardell Dudley

The adjustment for rookies entering the NBA is a daunting task, and that applies, to both on and off the court. Regardless of how well you were raised, coached and developed, the transition into the highest level of basketball will bring new challenges across the board, from managing finances to interaction with the media to conduct in every day life. The spotlight will be intense from the moment you shake the Commissioners hand. Enter the NBA Rookie Transition Program. The Rookie Transition Program, which was created in 1986 by the NBA and NBPA, is a league-wide mandatory program for rookies entering the NBA. The program is dedicated to helping incoming rookies receive the neccessary information and resources that will help increase the likelihood of fully adapting to the on and off the court challenges of the NBA. Check out the 2014 edition of the NBA Rookie Transition Program below.

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