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Remember Them Days - Kevin Durant vs Lebron James DUEL 4/4/2012

By Cardell Dudley

With Kobe in the last stage of his career and even himself hinting that the obvious end was fast approaching, all eyes were on the guy who currently held the torch as the best player in the game...Lebron James. Fresh off a disappointing finals during the 2010-2011 season in which his Miami Heat team fell to the sharp shooting Dallas Mavericks, King James was hell bent on not only returning to the finals, but winning it this time. After all, at this point,, James had accomplished every individual goal he set out to accomplish, except for one, winning a championship. James and every one around knows to truly be considered the best you have to dominate but more importantly you have to win! No excuses will be accepted! Back during the 2011-2012 season, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Miami would come out the east, and after Dallas overhauled their championship roster, the question was who would challenge the Heat from the West? Would it be the aging but well coached Spurs? Would it be the Lakers with Kobe defying the odds once again? The answer would be neither, as a young talented team exploded on the scene. The Oklahoma City Thunder brought a young nucleus of the ridiculously athletic Russell Westbrook, smooth shooting James Harden and a player that was quickly challenging James as the best player on the planet.....Kevin Durant. Just when James saw a clear path to his ultimate goal, another challenge appeared out of nowhere. On April 4th, 2012 the Thunder came to Miami. Both teams were looking to send a message that it's our time so you will have to get moved out of the way. Yes, James now sat on the thrown, but a deadly 6'11 (forget that 6'9 stuff) forward with every offensive weapon in the book was looking to knock him off of it! James won this battle ( 34 points and 10 assist) in a 98-93 Miami win against Durant (30 points), however the message was sent that KD and the Thunder were indeed coming!!!!! Watch the physical battle below.

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