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Gabe Norwood Climbs Over Luis Scola

By Cardell Dudley

The beauty of international competitions like the Fiba Basketball World Cup, is that we all get to see the unique blend of talent from all over the globe. You get to see if players with hype validate it, along with players that emerge out of obscurity, proving they belong on the biggest of stages. Former George Mason guard Gabe Norwood (03-07) who is a well loved player for the Phillippine national basketball team after doing major work in the PBA (Phillippine Basketball Association) where he was Rookie of the Year (09), two time PBA All Defensive First Team selection (10,13) and a three time PBA All Star is clearly using this stage to show the world he can play with the best of them. Watch as Norwood rises and puts Argentina power forward Luis Scola (Indiana Pacers) in the basket.

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