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Remember Them Days- Gilbert Arenas DROPS 51 Points On The Utah Jazz

By Cardell Dudley

Following the resurgence of the Washington Wizards franchise during the prior 2005-2006 season, even the most loyal of Wizards fans wasn't convinced that the prior season wasn't a fluke. The young star of the Wizards Gilbert Arenas said it was the beginning of something special and went out to prove it. Agent 0 picked right back up where he left off during the 05-06 season, where he averaged 29.3 points, 6.1 assist and 2 steals per game. Arenas would go on a scoring terror during the 06-07 season, pushing the Wizards to the top of the eastern conference going into a mid season showdown with another fellow all star point guard, the Utah Jazz Deron Williams. It was over before it began. Arenas would torch Williams and the Jazz for 51 points which included the game winning 3-pointer as he turned around, not even waiting for the ball to fall through the basket to chants from the Verizon crowd of MVP. Check out the footage of the offensive onslaught below.

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