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APBL Profile- Rockville Victors Guard Tavares "Super Coop" Cooper

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Throughout DMV hoop circles the APBL is becoming the go to pro league for players looking to jump start their professional basketball journeys. With roughly 450 roster spots in the NBA, quotas for various teams across the water and the D League spots scarce without a impressive college resume it becomes very difficult for aspiring pro ball players to begin their respective careers. The APBL has filled that void. With numerous teams throughout the area showcasing the DMV's best pro players the APBL has become a popular league for players looking to make an impact in the pro ranks. With the APBL season quickly coming upon us I reached out to some of the more respected players throughout the league to get their take on their teams and the APBL as a whole. As you will quickly realize, the Washington Wizards aren't the only quality pro basketball team in town with legit players.

Tavares "Super Coop" Cooper

Rockville Victors

6'3 Guard

FM -You guys on the Rockville Victors team had by all accounts a successful season making it to the APBL Final Four but you guys are a franchise of championship pedigree. Talk about the bitter taste the loss to Metro has left?

TC- Wow!!! You talk about bitter!!! It is the worst feeling losing to a hometown rival. Much respect to Metro by the way. But it put a really bad taste in my mouth. I put blame on myself for not having the team prepared, we walked in with a lack of focus and that falls on the vets!

FM - How much has that particular lost motivated not just yourself but the team in general?

TC - The loss like I said put a bad taste in our mouths but particularly on social media and seeing these guys enjoy the glory, it stinks!!! But hey they are the champs so they deserve it!

FM -Coming into the 14-15 APBL season individually what areas of your game are you focusing on improving in to make you an even greater threat then what you are?

TC - This year with age kicking in on our vets I focused on conditioning this summer and getting healthy. We had a lot of injuries this past season that got us off to a slow start. Me in particular less settling for outside (jumpers) and go vintage style attacking the basket more aggressively then in the past. Also I need to utilize (Dele)Ojo more! He sets my game off as well as Gumby.

FM - Rockville are no doubt APBL Contenders talk about how special it will be to bring a championship back to the Rockville community?

TC - We are back and refocused! We are excited about adding Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones to the roster to complement Te signing overseas and to help Pierre down low. It would help our community and our motivation to bring championship ball back to Rockville. What a pleasure it would be!

FM - What will Rockville as a team need to do differently to finally jump that hurdle and win the championship?

TC - All honesty we need to come together collectively as a unit! We are a great group but need to check our pride at times! We are ready and starting earlier than ever! So let's see what happens! Looking forward to another great season!

Sit down interview with Cooper and the core of the Victors Dele Ojo and Anthony "Gumby" Williams

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