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APBL Profile - Metro All Stars Forward Elyon Bush

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Throughout DMV hoop circles the APBL is becoming the go to pro league for players looking to jump start their professional basketball journeys. With roughly 450 roster spots in the NBA, quotas for various teams across the water and the D League spots scarce without a impressive college resume it becomes very difficult for aspiring pro ball players to begin their respective careers. The APBL has filled that void. With numerous teams throughout the area showcasing the DMV's best pro players the APBL has become a popular league for players looking to make an impact in the pro ranks. With the APBL season quickly coming upon us I reached out to some of the more respected players throughout the league to get their take on their teams and the APBL as a whole. As you will quickly realize, the Washington Wizards aren't the only quality pro basketball team in town with legit players.

Elyon Bush

Metro All Stars (Reigning APBL Champions)

6'6 Forward

FM- As the defending APBL Champs you guys have the bullseye on your back as everyone wants what you have. What do you guys at Metro have to do to keep the trophy with yall?

EB- We have to continue doing what we have been doing. Finding guys that truly believe in the team first and are willing to sacrifice some of their talent and statistics for the benefit of the team. Also we need to continue to work on our games individually and collectively as a team, which I know we all do. And then once it's time to step on the floor we must give 100% effort and execute our game plan for that particular week.

FM- One thing I love about your game is your versatility. Too big for a guard to deal with, too quick and fast for a big to defend. Is that an aspect during games you try to focus on exploiting match-ups as much as possible?

EB- Yes we definitely look to expose the mismatch where ever it is on the floor. With the talent and depth of our team it is always bound to be at least one, and once it is found we try to exploit it and once the opponent adjust to stop that, then we react and impose our will somewhere else. Once a team adjust and tries to take one thing away we just move to phase 2 or 3 and continue on finding and making the right play and that normally leads up to a victory.

FM- What are some areas you feel improvement is needed regarding your game?

EB- My game personally I have worked extremely hard on my jump shot and being a more consistent shooter and adding range out to the NBA three. A lot of hours and shots in the gym getting it right and more consistent. With that being added, it will help to open my game up because before people didn't really respect my jump shot all the time, but now they have no choice. And I have worked to improve my ball handling. Both of these elements have given me more confidence then I had before in myself and I can't wait to have it on display here in the states with the All-Stars or overseas professionally again.

FM- The final four game against Rockville was a WAR! Yet you turned out to be the difference putting up 40 points. Speak on what was going through your mind during that game?

EB- During that game I knew we were going against one of the best teams in the League. It was a packed gym and I did not want to let my team down or the fans down by not giving them the best effort possible. That was one of the most intense and fun games I have ever been apart of in my life...I love playing and battling against them because I know they play hard and as a team and are very talented and want to win just as bad as us. Against them if we don't bring our A+ game we will go home with a lost. Their team and their passion always bring something extra out of me because of how talented they are.

FM- For Metro to repeat you all must.....................................................

EB- For Metro to repeat it's a very simple task....keep God first and continue to work and grow as a team on and off the floor and everything else will take care of itself. Metro is ALL-IN all the time and that shows on the court with our play and it starts at the top of our orginization and trickles down to the staff and then players and then fans.

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