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Remember Them Days- Allen Iverson Vs Stephon Marbury 2001

By Cardell Dudley

As the top two point guards in the remarkably talented 1996 NBA Draft class, all eyes were on the unstoppable scoring machine Allen Iverson and the freshman phenom Stephon Marbury as they entered the NBA as the 1st and 4th picks respectively. The consensus was both were destined for great things in the league. The question was who ultimately end up being the better guard and of course the better player? That question could only be settled on the court. Iverson and Marbury would go at it throughout their career using contrasting styles, one a assassin when it comes to scoring the other a more traditional point guard with exceptional skill and size, however this would never be more evident then a mid season match- up in 2001. Marbury (20 points and 14 assist) would come out blazing with 16 first half points to pace the Nets. Iverson (38 points/7 assist/ 4 steals), would validate why they call him "the answer" scoring 14 of the Sixers final 19 points and hounding Marbury down the stretch to push the Sixers to a 102-94 victory. Check out how things unfolded below.

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