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Remember Them Days - Jarrett Jack Puts The Dagger In UNC - 2004 ACC Tournament

By Cardell Dudley

They say if you want to be a hero, then you have to take hero shots. Georgia Tech's star point guard Jarrett Jack did just that. Down one against North Carolina, arguably the most storied college basketball program ever, with 7.2 seconds left, Jack seized the moment. Jack (17 points), after catching the pass from Marvin Lewis, penetrated the UNC defense on a broken out of bounds play, saw a opening, rose up for a jumper behind the free throw line, all net. UNC attempted to inbounds the ball quickly with 1.2 seconds remaining to get the best shot possible, but the pass was stolen by Georgia Tech wing Marvin Lewis sealing the win for Tech, 83-82. Watch how it all unfolded below.

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