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The Off-Season - Kevin Durant Trailer

By Cardell Dudley

There is a saying in basketball, stars are made during the regular season, superstars are made during the post season and then champions are crowned. However, to become a player capable of accomplishing these great feats.....that is done during the offseason. No one embodies this quite like the reigning NBA MVP Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant. As the great trainer Tim Grover always emphasis "What you do out there gets you in the league, what you do here in the gym keeps you in the league". HBO teamed up with KD for a behind the scenes look at the MVP's preparation during the offseason for the upcoming NBA season titled The Off-Season: Kevin Durant . In this we will get a look at the drive, dedication and passion KD has for the game despite round the clock personal and professional commitments. We in the DMV hoops community are already aware of KD's legendary work ethic, now, the world will get to see why he is who he is....the MVP. Take a look at the promo below.

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