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LA Lakers Forward Ed Davis BAPTIZES Jason Maxiell

By Cardell Dudley

Couldn't believe he went there, then is HIM. NBA Hall of Famer now TNT analyst Sir Charles Barkley told the world " I aint eating until the Lakers win a game". When your team becomes the butt of all jokes across the country due to your inability to win games, at some point competitive pride should kick in to change the direction of things. Sunday evening, the Lakers proved they indeed have some fight in them as they rallied to defeat the Charlotte Hornets 107-92 for their first win of the season. If one play could sum of the Lakers fight during this game, that play would be the VICIOUS dunk of Lakers forward Ed Davis (10 points (5/5 FG)/ 5 rebounds) over the Hornets bruising power forward Jason Maxiell that erupted the Staples Center. After the game, Davis replied to Barkley's comment via Twitter "Charles your fat a$$ can eat now".

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