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DMVelite Future 100 Girls Camp


DMVelite staff with participating players in the DMVelite Future 100 Girls Camp

By Cardell Dudley

Some of the most promising girls basketball prospects from 5th to 8th grade suited up inside Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School, the site of DMVelite's future 100 girls camp. The camp was focused on giving maximum exposure, training and basketball teachings to these young ladies as they get ready for the middle and high school basketball level. After a nice warm-up from highly respected trainer Tobe Stephens of Enhanced Training Champions, the girls were broken up into four teams and went through stations emphasizing different fundamental skills. The stations which were ran by other accomplsihed basketball trainers, focused on every skill needed to become a successful basketball player, skills such as rebounding, defending, ball handling, shooting and passing. After the players made it through the various stations, the games began. Although there were a number of talented young ladies, a few stood out among the rest and here they are.......

Sasha Bates - Forward/ Brown Academy/ Monica Wright Elite/ 8th Grade

Bates high motor is what made her stand out, simply put wherever there was a play being made, she was involved in it. A double double machine, she attacked the boards relentlessly, even knocking her teammate and the defender to the ground on an offensive rebound and put back. She will defend anyone at any position and is a terror in transition. Although Bates does most of her damage in transition and in in the paint, she is capable of breaking a defender down off the dribble and hitting a jumper. A definite talent and a potential force once she puts it all together.


Marisa Sanchez Henry - Point Guard/ Ellicott Mills/ Columbia Ravens/ 7th Grade

The best point guard prospect at the camp, no one could keep her in front of them. Her speed and quickness is second to none and when you mix that in with excellent vision, nice ball handling ability and a fearless mentality, you learn quickly that she is a serious problem. The only knock is her size, as she struggles shooting over taller defenders (when they can keep up with her) however she is a more then capable spot up shooter. All in all Sanchez Henry excelled and is one to keep an eye on.


Savawn Hughes - Guard-Forward/ Windsor Mills/ Lady Shooting Stars/ 8th Grade

The top prospect at the camp she dominated at will! While Hughes skill set is not quite at the level of Palacio overall, its still strong enough to more then get the job done. Combine that with her being the best athlete on hand and you understand why she was dominate all afternoon. Hughes routinely would grab the rebound and dribble coast to coast for the lay-up, assist or a trip to the free throw line. As the games moved toward the end, defenders just moved out her way once she had a head full of steam. On defense, she was one of the better on ball defenders. Hughes would steal the ball from a point guard at half court, then on the very next play, block the center's shot into the stands. She is the total package, the sky is the limit.


Trinity Palacio - Combo Guard/ Alexandria Country Day/ Monica Wright Elite/ 8th Grade

The most skilled player in camp, Palacio did it all. She can defend, rebound, pass, beat her defender off the dribble as well as having an arsenal of shots to keep those same defenders off balance. The only thing holding her back is experience and once she realizes how good she is and can be, her impact will be felt throughout DMV girls hoop circles.

Honorable Mention -

Toyin Allen - Forward/ Spring Ridge/ St Mary's MD Dream/ 7th Grade

Emily Durke - Guard/ Our Lady of Perpetual/ Columbia Ravens/ 6th Grade

Mesa Floyd - Guard/Forward/ James Madison/ Fairfax Stars/ 7th Grade

Anani Humphrey - Forward/ Ellicott Mills/ Columbia Ravens/ 6th Grade

Brianna Milline - Guard/ Walker Jones/ Marissa Coleman Dream/ 8th Grade

Alanna Smith - Guard/ Accokeek Academy/ 8th Grade




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