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Former Bethel & Bowie State Star Duke Crews DOMINATES The NBL

By Cardell Dudley

As an All American coming out of Bethel High School (VA) Duke Crews was one of the more coveted prospects in the entire country. A beast in the paint, Crews used his 6'7 frame, raw power and ridiculous athleticism to simply run past, jump over and sometimes power through defenders for rebounds, blocks and crowd pleasing dunks. After having a productive career as a collegian at Tennessee and Bowie State respectively, Crews took his talents across the water to play overseas. As with most local stars, when you play abroad, only the most enthusiatic fan will keep up with the progress of the player throughout their respective career. An with that comes the inevitable questions of "What happen to?" or "Does he still play?" etc. Well, for Duke Crews the answer to both questions is an emphatic YES! Crews now plays in Japan for the Tsukuba Robots in the NBL and the results are down right ugly for opponents. Not only is Crews bringing his usual sky walking feats to the table, he is also showing a more rounded game to compliment his elite athleticism. A serious problem for opponents. Crews is averaging a team leading 15.7 points and 7.3 rebounds per game for the Robots. Now when the question comes up " Whats going on with Duke?" You can point them right here and they will see Crews is doing better then ever. Check out the footage below.

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