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Remember Them Days- Rod Strickland's Triple Double Push The Wizards Past The Warriors

Looking through the history of the Washington Wizards (formerly Washington & Baltimore Bullets), there is a nice tradition of talented, high productive point guards. Obviously John Wall is currently building an all star caliber career, before him it was the offensive juggernaut Gilbert Arenas. Names like Earl Monroe, Michael Adams, Muggsy Bogues, Mark Price all come to mind when talking about the best point guards that have played at a high level for the Wizards organization. One player who seems to be the most underrated but maybe arguably the best all around of the group is Rod Strickland. No he wasn't an off the charts athlete like Wall, or a dead eye shooter like Arenas and Price, or a flat out scorer like Pearl, however Strickland was as unstoppable if not more then all of those guys. On February 10th, 1998 you saw the totality of what made Strickland special as a point guard. In a match-up against the Golden State Warriors, the Wizards took the court without their two top scorers Chris Webber and Juwan Howard looking to add another win. It was common sense that Strickland would have to do a little more then usual to make sure the Wizards walked out victorious, and do more he most certainly did. Strickland would have a career night posting his third career triple double of 21 points,20 assist and 12 rebounds, leading the Wizards to a 99-87 victory. Its difficult to play a perfect game, although a performance like this is pretty damn close. Watch how it all went down below.

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