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Remember Them Days - Juwan Howard Baptizes Dennis Rodman

Before the current era featuring John Wall and Brad Beal and the Gilbert Arenas era prior, the only success the Wizards have had outside the championship contending teams of the 70's were the mid 90's Bullets. The mid 90's Bullets led by All Star forwards Chris Webber and Juwan Howard as well as one of the top assist men of that period Rod Strickland were seen as the team most likely to dominate the NBA going into the new century. Even the best player in the game Michael Jordan stated " They're truly one of the teams of the future". In a season closing game against the Jordan led Bulls who were on their way to a record 72 win season, the Bullets were focused on a upset of the history making Bulls. Playing without the injured Webber and Rod Strickland didn't help matters to say the least, however, the Bullets young forward Juwan Howard was ready to accept the challenge. Howard played magnificently, keeping the Bullets within striking distance throughout the game as he torched arguably the best defensive power forward in the game Dennis Rodman with 27 points and 7 rebounds, including a ferocious dunk over Rodman early in the game, before the Bulls pulled away to win 103-93. That Bullets team never got the chance to become the special team everyone envisioned them becoming, although looking back, the glimpses to what could've been are indeed special in their own right. Take a look at the dunk by Howard below.

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