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Remember Them Days - Michael Jordan Delivers "The Block"

It was suppose to be a celebration of the offensive potency of in my opinion, the greatest player to ever play the game Michael Jordan. Jordan at age 38, in the midst of his second comeback this time with the Wizards, would score 29 points on his former club, the Chicago Bulls, passing 30,000 career points making him at the time, only the fourth player ever to do so. Although a singular defensive play in the last 20 seconds of the game stole the show. With the Wizards hanging on to a 87-81 lead in the final 40 seconds and the Bulls on a late run, Jordan got the ball. As he drove to the lane, he showed his patented pump fake to try and get Bulls defender Ron Artest to jump out of position. Artest played great defense staying on his feet and challenging Jordans shot which resulted in a block. The block was quickly passed to a streaking Ron Mercer. As Mercer dribbled up court, avoiding Chris Whitney before shooting what he thought was an uncontested lay-up, out of nowhere Jordan would jump and catch Mercers lay-up on the backboard, sealing the win for the Wizards. The play would become known as "The Block" and would send a statement that even though Jordan may not be the same player he was as a Chicago Bull, he was still a high impact player and better than most in the NBA....even at age 38. It was these type of plays that defined Jordans greatness and will as a basketball player while ultimately making him a champion. Check out the play below.

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