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Remember Them Days - Kevin Durant Prepares For The NBA

"How will be compete in the NBA and he can't bench 185 pounds?"

"How will be sustain a high level of play due to a lack of strength?"

"He's rail thin, won't he be injury prone?"

"Durant may shine early in the season, after All Star break going into the home stretch, his body will fatigue and his play will decline."

"Dominating college is great but the NBA is a whole different level, I can't see him being a franchise player in the NBA."

Those were some of the questions and comments I recall reading when NCAA Player of the Year out of the University of Texas Kevin Durant declared for the NBA Draft in 2007. Nevermind he absolutely destroyed college basketball, posting historic numbers (25.8 point and 11.1 rebounds per game) all season long, all the skeptics and "experts" focused on was why that production wouldn't translate to the NBA level. Fast forward to 2015 and Kevin Durant has an MVP, multiple NBA All Star, All NBA honors on his resume and career averages of 27.3 points, 6.9 rebounds and 3.5 assist per game. I guess not being able to bench 185 pounds wasn't that big of deal after all. Watch the steady rise of one of the games elite.

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