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Remember Them Days - Rudy Gay UConn Dunk Mix

To see Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay all around game blossom this year was a thing of beauty. The rise in Gay's game where we saw him average 21.1 points, 5.9 rebounds and 3.7 assist (career highs in points and assist) combined with the inside presence of arguably the NBA'a best big man Demarcus Cousins, whispers of playoffs emerged for the first time since the Chris Webber, Mike Bibby and Vlade Divac days before injuries and a surprise coaching change derailed those expectations. As great as it was watching Gay's all around skill set get displayed at a high level, his bread an butter remains his elite athleticism. At the end of the day that ability is what separates him from most forwards not named Lebron James in the NBA and what made him a standout as well as a lottery pick talent while at UConn. Don't believe me? See the path of aerial destruction Gay left as an All American during his two seasons at UConn for yourself below.

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