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Remember Them Days - Kevin Durant Scores 29 Points In NBA Summer League Action

Congratulations, you have accomplished the dream of every young boy who decided to pick up a basketball, you were drafted into the NBA. Overnight you went from a student athlete and became a brand. That's great. The thing is just when you thought you made it to the top, you soon realize you are back at the bottom again, and standing before you is a long hard difficult journey to make your way back up the ladder to the top, only this time, its against the best basketball players in the world. Welcome to life as a rookie. As a rookie, you will get your first crack at showing the world a preview of things to come during NBA summer league play. It's your first taste of NBA level competition across the board and it's your chance to show everyone that you belong. Some rookies struggle, most show flashes but are inconsistent and then you have those that come out the gate so strong, you know that they are destined for greatness down the road. The latter applied to Sonics rookie Kevin Durant back in 2007. Taken 2nd overall after dominating college basketball at a historical rate, the 6'9 scoring machine made his first and only showing at the NBA's Rocky Mountain Revue summer league in front of a packed house with everyone focusing on him. Durant didn't disappoint, giving fans a look into the future as he torched the Utah Jazz with 29 points with an offensive arsenal rarely seen in a rookie. If there were any doubts lingering about Durant being the real deal, after his performance, those doubts were put to rest permanently. Take a look at the action below.

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