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Remember Them Days - Moses Malone 38 Points And 24 Rebounds Leads Sixers To 122-104 Win Over The Cel

This morning, the basketball world, the NBA and of course the DMV lost one of the all time great centers too soon. God called Moses Malone home. All throughout the day there have been tributes to Moses in every way highlighting his impact in the game of basketball. For me, I feel the best tribute is to show the Petersburg, Virginia native in action, so everyone can see how special the "Chairman of the Boards" truly was. As most know throughout NBA history whenever the Celtics and Sixers meet each other, it was in a word personal. The Russell/Chamberlain wars birth the rivalry and it continued with Bird and Dr J leading the way. The x-factor of course was the man in the middle for the Sixers, Moses Malone. he simply was too much for arguably the greatest front court the game has seen in Bird, Mchale and Parish. In a 1985 match-up, Moses validated my earlier claim. Moses finished with 38 points, 24 rebounds and 3 assist in a Sixers 122-104 rout over the Celtics. It was simply childs play as Moses gave it to the Celtics every way possible. Often times, when the best centers ever are mentioned, you rarely hear Moses name, however if you watch him play and im sure asked those who competed against him, they all will say he belongs with the best for sure. Take a look at his dominance against the Celtics below.

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