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Knicks Guard Jerian Grant Takes Flight Against The Sixers

Entering the NBA as a rookie is a big adjustment. Some rookies are brought along slowly, playing behind savvy veterans who can show them the ropes on how to be successful in the league so when their number is called, they are ready to contribute. For the rest of the rookies, they are thrown to the fire and are forced to learn on the job. With the Knicks recent struggles, the pressure is on the rookies and newly acquired free agents to contribute right away. One new addition who appears ready to take on the challenge and bring winning ways back to the Knicks franchise, is rookie guard Jerian Grant. Grant is use to winning, after standout careers at famed DeMatha High School and Notre Dame, anything else is unacceptable. Grant has been thrown into the fire to see how he responds and his response has been loud and clear....he's ready to do damage right now. Watch Grant flush home a dunk off a Cleanthony Early assist to the delight of the Madison Square Garden crowd.

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