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Finest Magazine Spotlight - Coaches Inc. Part II

"An agency for coaches?" "Never heard of coaches having an agent" "You mean players looking for agents right?"were some of the comments I received when I spoke to a select few in my basketball network about Coaches Inc, a sports marketing agency dedicated to promoting and protecting coaches. Since being founded by Dennis Cordell in 2006, Coaches Inc has built an impressive list of standout coaches from the collegiate and professional ranks in football as well as basketball, with the goal ultimately being to make sure their clients get full and fair value when negotiating contracts. I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Cordell and his staff John Colan, who heads Men's Basketball and Garry Rosenfield who heads Women's Basketball to discuss the origin of Coaches Inc, what service the agency provides and the challenges of building the unique and highly successful sports agency. Listen to part II below.

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