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Finest Magazine Spotlight - Montgomery College D'Angelo Vaughan

With the MD Juco 15-16 well underway there have been teams and players that have stood out among the others. Montgomery College with their 6-1 record (as this article is published) has been the talk of MD Juco circles. The Raptors currently sit at the top of the MD Juco standings and have overwhelmed opponents to start the season. Leading the way is their deadly sophomore point guard D'Angelo Vaughan who is currently averaging 20.9 points, 5.9 rebounds and 3.4 assist per game as well as shooting a ridiculous 41.7% from 3-point range. I recently caught up with Vaughan to see what his thoughts are on his play individually so far, the buzz around team and expectations for the rest of the season.

FM - Let's start with this past summer, I saw you putting in work on the ultra-competitive summer league circuit. What were you looking to build on overall with your game to bring into this season?

DV- Every summer I look at it as a time to get better and work on every part of my game, working out with my trainer Lou White has gotten me right staying in the gym and playing against pro’s and great players in the area only help. Main things I looked to build on was finishing with my right hand, also working to become a top notch defender, and get to the free-throw line more because I feel I can get to the basket when I want to.

FM- You guys at Montgomery College have jumped out to a strong start at 6-1. Did you feel that y'all were capable of putting together wins like that prior to the season?

DV- Yea we came out the gates blazing and I felt like we could do what we have done, even more because of the work we all put in over the summer, having a lot of new guys come together who really didn’t know each with a new coach we have jelled quick and it is only the beginning. A lot of people doubted us and still do because of the prior season but this is a whole new mob, different attitude. We saw the md juco coaches poll which had us projected to finish last, that is motivation for us

FM - Individually so far are you satisfied with your level of play?

DV- The stats look cool and all that but me personally I feel like I can and will do so much more. Everything I worked on in the summer and continue to work on today you can see on the court. I do whatever my team needs me to whether it is score, facilitate, and defend the best guard, rebound, and LEAD. I will do whatever it takes to make sure we are successful.

FM - You all at Montgomery CC have multiple guys making big impacts this season like yourself, Larry Holmes and Patrick Smith who's almost averaging a ridiculous 18 rebounds a game. What are your impressions so far of them?

DV - Larry that’s my backcourt mate and I like that he is always in attack mode, it takes pressure off me offensively and defensively and he will never back down, and Pat is a dog! Nothing more to really say, averaging 18 boards is crazy, he is our inside presence on offense and defense. Larry and Pat are definitely keys to this machine. Have to shout out my guys that don’t get enough credit, Juwan Wayne, Emmanuel Ejeh two wings players that simply get it done!. Carl Brown, Terrell Baker the two goons on the team, guys that go hard on the court, always need a couple of them. Also my guy Aaron Thomas, good enough to start at PG for anybody, he is a spark off the bench.

FM - What will it take to keep the winning going and to bring to Montgomery College a Championship?

DV- Like my former coach told me, Hard-work + Dedication = Success, not looking at what we have done so far because that’s over. Taking it one game at a time. Keep progressing and not slacking off in the classroom or on the court.

FM - How are things going with recruiting? Which schools have shown interest in you?

DV - It is still early but I have a lot of interest from many Division II schools and some Division I schools, also NAIA schools.

FM - If I'm a coach at a University, why should I offer D'Angelo Vaughan?

DV- You should offer me because I am a leader on and off the court, you won’t have worry about my grades or me doing something dumb to hurt me or my team, I understand that nothing is given and you must work for everything you want because everything can be taken away from you just like that as I have learned. In my eyes I work harder than anybody and will not be outworked, and I can do whatever a coach needs me to do.

FM - Message to Montgomery College supporters regarding the remainder of the season?

DV - Message to everybody who supports us, just stay tuned this is just the beginning, we will only get better from here on out. Academically and on the court.

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