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Get A.M.P.ed Inc 6th Annual Unsigned Players Exposure Event (Girls)

Dania Taylor (Anne Arundel Community College) emerged as the best point guard prospect of the event

For the sixth year, the dedicated folks at Get A.M.P.ed Inc ( Get Athletes Mentoring Program) settled down in DC to showcase some of the most talented Unsigned players from the high school and college level's. The action took place at the University of the District of Columbia with the girl participants suiting up and playing in the morning session, and the boys scheduled to play in the afternoon session in front of a number of Division II, Division III and Juco coaches. The games were intense with players looking to prove that they deserve a scholarship, however in these type of events, a number of players usually rise to the occasion. Check out who stood out among the young ladies who participated and highlights of the action below.

Celia Gallego Barea - (Power Forward/ 5'9/ College of Southern Maryland)-

Versatile power forward in the "stretch four" mode. She can post up, dribble coast to coast and make plays and also step outside and knocked down jumpers. In the right system, she could flourish.

* Tantania Brown - (Power Forward/ 6'0/ University of Maryland- Eastern Shore) -

Brown was the most dominant player at the event. She simply overpowered opponents in the paint while either scoring or creating scoring opportunities for her teammates. She's also a tenacious rebounder and solid rim protector.

Shantel Cheeks - (Guard/Forward/ 5'9/ Friendship Collegiate) -

High motor wing who was arguably the best defender at the event. She defended every position and more often than not, stopped the opponent. She has the ability to put the ball on the floor and create for others as well. Not the best scorer right now, but with work she can become a solid scorer as well.

Dasha Jones - (Guard/ 5'6/ Fairmont Heights) -

The best shooter at the event, as confident in her shooting ability as they come. While she can knock it down from all over the court, she also possesses good ball skills and a high IQ. Tremendous poise as well. A definite sleeper for a college program.

Leea Parker - (Combo Guard/ College of Southern Maryland) -

Deadly slasher and play-maker. Off the dribble, no one could stay in front of her and she knew it. Solid finisher who is a good passer as well.

* Dania Taylor - (Point Guard/5'3/ Anne Arundel Community College) -

True point guard and outside the paint dominance of Tantania Brown, was the best player at the event. Taylor displayed great vision, handle and scoring ability despite her small stature. Was also the fastest and quickest player on the floor and she got in the paint at will. She's also tough, consistently battling the forwards and centers for rebounds.

Ayonna Williams - (Point Guard/5'4/ Ballou) -

If Taylor was the top pass first point guard, then Williams was the top score first point guard. Saying she's a walking bucket is an understatement. While being a natural scorer, she can also run a team and will pass,which is a rare trait in young players. Williams also got after it defensively in spurts, the next stage is being able to bring that energy consistently while doing what she does best offensively.

*- Co MVP's

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