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4th Annual DMVelite 80

Wake Forest commit Melo Eggleston finishes with authority

DMVelite held it's 4th annual DMVelite 80 showcase event at Bowie City Gym in Bowie, Maryland featuring 80 of the top boys basketball players throughout the DMV. It has become a must see event for college coaches and scouts as the AAU season ends and with the high school season fast approaching. This year's crop was unique, due to the amount of "sleepers' in attendance. With these type of events that holds so much talent in one gym, there are bound to be players who rise above the rest and cement themselves as players to watch entering the season. Check out who stood out below.

Darron Barnes/ Wise / 6'5/Wing/ 2017 (Below in black far right) - Barnes is a power guard who can also play forward effectively. He's most dangerous attacking the basket and finishing in the paint. Guards simply couldn't handle his size and strength when he made up his mind to drive. He also showed he is capable defender, solid mid range shooter and play maker. Extending his range is a must for him to reach his full potential moving forward. - Low-Mid Major DI

Kiyon Boyd/ HD Woodson / 6'5/ Guard/ 2018 -

Boyd in Black and blue shorts

The highly touted guard didn't disappoint at all, coming out from the first jump ball of the first game on a scoring rampage scoring 8 of his team's first 10 points. Boyd validated his status as arguably the top player in the event and the DMV. His blend of size, skill, toughness, athleticism makes him special, however it's his I.Q. that separates him from his peers. He knows how to play the game of basketball. He recognizes favorable match-ups not only for himself but for his teammates as well, making him a threat whenever and wherever he is on the floor. Special talent. - High Major DI

Evan Buckley/ Stone Bridge/ 6'0/ Point Guard/ 2019 -

One of the youngest in attendance, Buckley displayed a game mature beyond his years. Traditional pass first point guard, Buckley loved to push the ball where he could keep the defense off balance and make plays for his teammates. However, when he saw a mismatch he exploited it, hitting jumpers from all over or using his underrated ball handling to get into the lane and finish. Defensively due to his size, bigger guards looked to take advantage which is something he will have to deal with moving forward. - Mid Major DI

Jared Bynum/ Georgetown Prep/ 6'0/Point Guard/ 2018 -

Quick point guard who can run a team but is at his best scoring. He has every tool in the book offensively to play point guard, he can shoot from all three levels, handle the ball with the best and has very good court vision. A tenacious defender, he will fight the entire time not allowing bigger guards to have their way. Impact floor general at the next level. - Low- Mid Major DI

Melo Eggleston/ Notre Dame Prep/ 6'6/Wing/ 2017 (Wake Forest)- Athletically gifted guard who is deadly attacking off the dribble and in transition. Aggressive defender as well, he locked opponents up on the ball while routinely rotating and blocking shots when teammates were beaten. The one area he needs to improve on is his shooting, defenders will play off of him all game long, although once he improves that area he will be very difficult to stop. - Committed to Wake Forest

Langston Gaither / Hayfield/ 6'3/Guard/ 2017 -

Strong scoring guard who never stops attacking the defense. Pro body already, he is a monster on both ends of the floor scoring and defending on the ball. Sometimes he get's tunnel vision and forces things when there isn't a play there which is something he has to improve on being a guard. Gaither is also a underrated rebounder. As he matures and understand how to make players better as well as score, he can become an impact go to player at the next level and possibly beyond. - Low- Major DI

James Hampton/ HD Woodson/ 6'6/Wing/ 2018 - Versatile wing who you will probably see playing all five positions throughout the upcoming season. A big guard with an all around skill set, he will be a match-up problem for opponents. Hampton is a good play maker who let's the game come to him instead of forcing the issue which is rare in high school. He also takes on the challenge defensively, as I routinely saw him pick up full court yet switch and guard centers in the same defensive sequence effectively. Unique talent. - Mid Major DI

Xavier E. Johnson / Bishop O'Connell/ 6'1/ Guard/ 2018 - Explosive two way point guard who loves to get after it defensively and in transition. He stole the ball at will from point guards defending full court to applause from the crowd on hand. As he improves learning more an more how to run a team he could go down arguably as the best point guard in his respective class in the area. - Mid- High Major DI

LJ Owens/ Severn School/6'3/ Guard/ 2018 -

Smooth shooting guard who has cemented himself as the best all around shooter in the area. Owens also showed he has improved running a team as a point guard and on the ball defensively where once he was seen as a offensive player only. Speaks volumes about his work ethic. One area he needs to continue to improve on is strength. At 6'3 he has good height but he is still slight of build and bigger guards tried to exploit that continuously. Once he adds that to his game, he will be as complete a guard as there is in the area. - Low-Mid Major DI

Denmark Slay/ ST. Stephens & ST. Agnes/ 5-11/ Point Guard/ 2017 - Slay impressed with his combination of relentless energy,poise and I.Q. running point guard. He can shoot, handle the ball, run an offense efficiently and is just a headache defensively. Although 5'11, he is a strong stocky point guard which helps him battle bigger guards effectively. A really underrated point guard prospect. - Low Major DI

Michael Speight/ Wise/ 6'2/ Guard/ 2017 - Relentless slasher, Speight is a guard who stays on the attack whether in transition or in the half court. Speight is also a willing defender who can take opponents out the game in the spurts. While able to score from outside, he can be streaky which is something he has to improve on to keep defenders honest. He will be an impact player at the next level. - Low-Mid Major DI

Derquan Washington/ HD Woodson/ 5'10/ Guard/ 2018 -

Sniper who can also score, which is rare for players period let alone at the high school level which says a lot about the potential of Washington. He's fearless, which can be a good and bad thing depending on the situation. Quick, fast, scoring guard who can make plays for others, yet , still needs improvement in that area as he can become isolation minded at times. He is also a capable defender when he puts his mind to it, which he will need to be given his size. All in all he can be one of the deadliest point guards in the DMV as he finishes out his high school career. - Low Major DI

Isaiah Whaley / MT. Zion Prep/ 6'8/Forward, Center/ 2017 -

High motor athletic big who looks to do the dirty work. Stands out defensively, blocking shots and picking up guards while also being an effective rebounder and finisher around the basket. Has to get stronger as he has trouble finishing through contact. - DII-Low Major DI

Garric Young/ Sidwell Friends/ 6'6/ Forward/ 2017 -

High motor aggressive athletic forward who competes every second he's on the floor. Has some skill but still needs improvement to maximize his potential. He is a beast inside the paint finishing, rebounding and defensively. If he works and improves his perimeter game, he can be a sleeper who greatly impacts a program at the next level. - DII-Low Major DI

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