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Inside The Circuit With Brian Inge III

When it comes to AAU basketball, many have opinions as far as if its good for the kids growth in basketball or if it isn't? Critics from every level of basketball have spoken loudly about how AAU basketball is killing the college and pro game. While, there are bad seeds planted in the ever evolving grassroots level of basketball, there are also those who genuinely are involved to help kids maximize their potential on and off the court. These genuine individuals usually are voiceless against the frequent attacks. I thought, why not change that? Why not have coaches who have been involved with AAU at the highest level and who are truly dedicated to the development of players give a inside perspective as to what it's all about. Enter Brian Inge. Inge is an assistant basketball coach at Bishop McNamara High School and is also the coach for the DC Blue Devils 16-under team, one of the top 16-under teams in the country. So without further delay, lets see what Inge has to say as he details the Blue Devils 16U journey throughout the summer on our Inside the Circuit series. - Finest Magazine CEO Cardell Dudley


So we did it, we finished the UAA regular season at 12-0. It wasn’t always pretty but we did what good teams generally do, we found ways to win. Against a nationally recognized Earl Watson Elite program with two potential five star guards in their respective classes we were able to claw and fight our way to a win. It seems crazy to think this, but we were underdogs in this game. Even though we had the better overall record, many people still doubted us. The general question was, how good are they for real??? I guess this was a fair question, especially after us dropping two games locally in the past month to a scrappy Team Statement team and a well oiled Team Takeover team. These losses really helped us this weekend, it brought us back down to earth and put that chip back where it needs to be… on our shoulders. We also had one of our better players back, James Lee. He had not been with us the entire month but we definitely are a better team when he is in the fold, that is a guarantee.

12-0… I really have to say it has been one heck of a ride. Currently we are 20-3 but undefeated with our entire team. I have had a few people ask me how we stack up against the best teams in the country. My answer is that with our entire team together I will take our chances against anybody. The guys on this team really compete and are highly unselfish and possess high IQ’s. Any coach would love going to battle with these guys.

In July I expect the recruitment of our guys to really takeoff. If I had to explain any of our guys to a college coach I would simply say that “Each player on this team is a winner and knows what it means to sacrifice for the greater good.’

Before I end it I have to give a shout out to all the teams in the area who are representing the DMV area so well. We have several teams who are competing at a very high level on their respective Leagues/Circuits. The Washington DC area produces some of the best talent in the country year in and year out. This is a testament to the hard work of all the players, families, coaches and trainers have put into the game of basketball. It is a beautiful thing and we are building a special culture in the process.

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