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BJ3 Fundamentals of Basketball event creates a strong foundation for kids

The fundamental of basketball is a basketball skills clinic led by PG Community College Assistant Coach Bruce Jenkins that emphasizes core basketball fundamentals for kids 7-13 years old. With an esteemed staff ( JM Jenkins, Leon Porter, Rashida Challenger, Kelli Cofield, Paul Golder,Eric Branham, Loomis ZayZay) and a former local standout now professional basketball player (Tre Kelley) as speaker, the event proved to be a wonderful foundation of fundamentals for the kids in attendance. In an era where gimmicks and social media likes and views have taken precedence over true teaching of fundamental skill, Jenkins company BJ3 Sports and Fitness LLC is focused on bringing true fundamentals back in fold. Take a look at how the event unfolded below as well as watch Jenkins on the latest episode of The Focus sports show.

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