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2019 NBPA Top 100 Camp Standouts

The NBPA Top 100 Camp came together to celebrate their 25th anniversary, fielding 100 of the top prospects in the country. After a week long stay at the University of Virginia, evaluating these talented players, I gave my list of standouts in detail on the current episode of The Focus. Without further delay, check out the NBPA Top 100 Camp segment from the below.

Devin Askew (All Star)/ 6’3/ 210/ PG/ Mater Dei High School/ 2020 – Askew is one of the rare point guards that can dominate a game and not score a point. His vision and passing ability is elite and he put it on display, helping lead the Spurs to the camp championship. Askew averaged 10.1 points, 4.6 assist, 2.7 rebounds and 1.1 turnovers throughout the camp on 41 percent shooting from deep. Arizona, Louisville, Oregon, among others are all vying for his services.

Joe Bamisile (All Star)/ 6’5/ 195/ SG/ Monacan High School/ 2020- An aggressive scorer (sometimes too aggressive) that feels no one can defend him, and he went out his way to prove it. His mentality to keep defenders on their heels is what makes him special. Bamisile has great size (6’5) to play the off guard, athletic and can score from all three levels, yet, he shined in transition where he routinely scored and got to the line. Becoming more efficient and learning how to get others involved are areas that needs improvement from the Northwestern commit.

Paolo Banchero (MVP) 6’9/ 235/ PF/ O’Dea High School/ 2021- MVP of the camp put on one of the best performances of the last few years of the camp. Banchero was dominant at times with the damage he brought inside and from mid-range. Averaging 17.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3 steals on 65 percent shooting from the field, 20 percent from deep and 87 percent from the charity stripe, Banchero put on a show throughout the camp, ending things averaging 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 steals on 73 percent shooting from the field and 94 percent from the free throw line over his final two games. Need I say more? Banchero has offers from Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky among other programs.

Brandon Boston Jr (All Star) 6’6/ 175/ SG/ Norcross High School/ 2020 – Reminds me a lot of Brandon Ingram from when he was high school, just a little bit shorter. Dynamic guard with a 6’10 wingspan that is a magician scoring and making plays off the bounce. BJ is also a pest defensively when he’s locked in which was evident with multiple games of 3 and 4 steals respectively. Getting stronger and being a more efficient shooter from deep will take BJ into potential top 10 pick discussions for the 2021 NBA Draft. He’s that talented. Boston Jr averaged 13.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.7 assist on 49.3 percent shooting from the field, 23 percent shooting from deep and 86 percent shooting from the line. Programs such as Duke and Kentucky have offered the ultra-talented Guard.

RJ Davis (All Star) 6’1/ 161/ PG/ Archbishop Stepinac/ 2020 – Shifty point guard who brought that New York flair to camp. Davis feel for the game and ability to control pace is at a level beyond his age. Davis routinely used his quickness to make plays for others and to score the ball at a deadly efficient rate. A point guard to definitely keep an eye on moving forward. Davis averaged 13 points (50% FG/ 40% 3FG/ 87% FT), 2.4 assist and 2.1 rebounds and have offers from Cincinnati, Maryland and Virginia among others.

Zion Harmon (All Star) 5’11/ 175/ PG/ Marshall County High/ 2021- The transformation from a scoring guard to now a point guard who can display both scoring and facilitating effortlessly, has been impressive. Its point guards who make it to the NBA and still struggle in both areas. Harmon averaged 11 points (41% FG/ 30% 3FG/ 86% FT), 3.4 assist and 2.2 rebounds throughout camp, showcasing pro level poise. Nearly impossible to defend in pick and roll situations. In one sequence he fed center Eddie Lampkin with precision out of the pick and roll and Lampkin scored on four straight possessions. That’s how surgical Harmon was throughout the week. It’s coming together for Harmon and its bad news for opponents.

Chet Holmgren (All Star) 7’1/ 190/ C/ Minnehaha Academy/ 2021 – Holmgren was the surprise player for me during the camp. A legit 7’1, Holmgren (10.6 points/ 49% FG/ 33% 3FG/ 77% FT/ 7.6 rebounds/ 2.2 blocks) brings the athleticism and skill of a forward with the size of a center. Simply put he’s a match-up nightmare. Defensively he’s agile enough to stay with guards on the perimeter, using his length to bother their shots, while being a very good shot blocker inside. The only thing needed for Holmgren to truly be dominant is strength, he’s extremely thin and can be pushed around by stronger bigs a bit. However, don’t confuse that with him being soft. He’s a gamer and isn’t afraid to mix it up. The talented junior has 23 current offers from programs such as Texas, Maryland and Kansas.

Jalen Johnson 6’8/ 215/ SF/ Nicolet High School/ 2020 – One of the more versatile players at the camp and it wasn’t close. Johnson is a triple double threat whenever he’s on the floor. A point-forward player, Johnson excels in the mid-range, using his size to get to his spots and knock down jumpers at will while also being a good finisher around the basket. Additionally, he’s an elite rebounder and skilled passer. Only thing left to conquer is being a better shooter from deep, other than that, the tools are there to make an impact at the next level and beyond.

Ian Martinez (All Star) 6’3/ 175/ SG/ JSerra Catholic High School/ 2020– Utah commit was in my eyes the best defender overall at the camp. A solid, efficient, offensive player (8 points/ 45.2% FG/ 41.2% 3FG/ 95.5% FT/ 3.3 rebounds) yet defensively, he had no peer. Martinez had one of the best plays of the camp, where he went up and blocked a dunk from 6’8 Corey Walker. His attention to detail defending on ball, help side, being versatile enough to defend multiple positions is next level and was refreshing to see.

Shakeel Moore 6’1/ 185/ PG/ Piedmont Classical High School/ 2020 – Highly explosive scoring point guard that just may be best on the defensive end. Moore posted 10.7 points (62% FG) and 3.6 steals a game which included a six steal game to kick off camp. Moore takes pride in his defense and loves harassing opposing guards and his two way impact is something college programs are and will continue to be intrigued about. Cincinnati, Penn State, Virginia Tech in the mix with numerous programs who are all after the services of Moore.

Jabri Abdur-Rahim (All Star) 6’7/ 205/ SF/ Blair Academy/ 2020 – Smooth scoring forward was among the highest scoring and efficient offensive players throughout the camp. Abdur-Rahim (can score at all three levels, on the move, off the bounce especially and has a gift for getting to the free throw line. Taking it up a notch defensively and creating for others is the next step for Abdur-Rahim but make no mistake about it, he’s the real deal! Abdur-Rahim holds offers from Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Kansas among others. (17.3 points/ 47.7% FG/ 50% 3FG/ 84% FT/ 2.7 rebounds)

Kadary Richmond 6’5/ 185/ SF/ Brewster Academy/ 2020 – Richmond (11.6 points/ 57% FG, 16% 3FG, 72% FT/ 3.6 rebounds) jumped out due to his two way impact and aggressiveness on offense. He’s deadly in transition where he uses his speed get easy baskets and/or get to the free throw line. On the defensive end, he gives the same type of energy as he does looking to score the ball, resulting in him routinely frustrating opponents all week. Needs to continue to improve his perimeter skill, especially shooting with range and facilitating to make that next leap. Richmond fields offers from Connecticut, Georgetown, VCU and Seton Hall with many other programs in the mix.

Mady Sissoko (All Star) 6’11/ 230/ C/ Wasatch Academy/ 2020 – High motor, athletic center with insane length. Sissoko, once he receives the ball inside, looks to dunks the ball every time, no matter who is around. Sissoko runs the floor like a wing, rebounds well and is an eager shot blocker. An additional plus for Sissoko, he shot well from the free throw line, finishing camp at 83 percent. Once his skill catch up with his size, athleticism and motor, he will be nearly impossible to stop. Sissoko averaged 8.6 points and 6.3 rebounds on 68 percent shooting from the field and holds offers from programs such as Arizona, UCLA and BYU.

Mark Williams 7’0/ 225/ C/ Norfolk Academy/ 2020 – Athletic center just may end up being the best big from this camp in the long run. While his offensive repertoire is still developing out on the perimeter, inside, he’s pretty good at finishing strong and efficiently (72% FG). Another aspect I found refreshing was he plays within himself, he knows what he is at this point and sticks to what brings him success. Defensively, he was a presence all week defending pick and roll coverages well and altering shots at the rim. A force with a scary amount of potential left to reach. Williams averaged 8.8 points and 7.3 rebounds in four games and has offers from Duke, Ohio State, and UCLA among others.

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