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The Probe Ep. 21 - Florida State Forward Kiah Gillespie

Scouting report -

Kiah Gillespie / Forward / 6’2

Strengths -

Positional size

Shooting (especially mid range)




Great hands

Nice footwork


Average Athleticism

Average speed and quickness

Struggles with Playmaking

Not a versatile defender

Future Pro Potential -

Part Time Starter

Pro Player Comparison -

Natalie Anchonwa

Overall evaluation-

Kiah is a unique talent. A hybrid with guard skills but forward size. She’s a very crafty scorer from the mid and low post. She can turn over both shoulders and knock down shots inside and from the outside with her lethal turn around jumper. While not being the most athletic player on the floor, she knows how to clear space to gather rebounds at a high rate. Gillespie will have to work on her body to become a better all around athlete, it’s no getting around it. Especially being undersized at the four at 6’2. I can see her thriving in a role similar to what Natalie Achonwa plays for the Indiana Fever. She has the skill to move to the perimeter but she isn’t a great passer at this point and isn’t athletic enough at this stage to consistently defend wings. She’s a tweener, however, she knows how to play the game and stays within herself. As long as she can hit shots and rebound at a high rate, she will make an impact at the WNBA level.

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