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The Probe Ep. 22 - New Mexico State Guard Trevelin Queen

Scouting Report:

Name/Position/ Team

Trevelin Queen/ Guard/ New Mexico State/ 6'6


Ability to create Space

Can defend multiple positions

Great instincts

Good athleticism

Can get in the lane/ very good vision and passer

Good feel for the game

Ideal guard size

Great at reading screens

Solid rebounder for position

Can run the floor well


Can shoot efficiently off the bounce and catching and shooting



Discipline on defense


Future Pro Potential:


Pro Player Comparison:

Kevin Martin

Overall Evaluation:

New Mexico States senior guard Trevelin Queen who is one of biggest sleepers in all of college basketball in my opinion. Queen has all of the tools necessary to thrive in the NBA. He’s a rare mix of being a dangerous scorer and efficient shooter while being a high level athlete and playmaker. The knock on him is his strength, consistency on defense and the competition he’s faced in college, playing one ranked team this season. Those things can be improved and proven through hard work and on court action.

Queen talents are tailored made for the NBA today. His skill and size makes him a great fit to play point and shooting guard and as he gets stronger and add on weight, he will even be able to get away with battling small forwards. Queen reminds me a lot of former Western Carolina standout and NBA veteran Kevin Martin. They both score in a variety of ways efficiently and are sneaky athletic at prototypical NBA two guard size being 6’6, 6’7. The difference is Queen is a better playmaker and a more willing defender. If Queen brings it on the defensive end, I can see him having a long career in the league.

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