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The Probe Ep. 28 - Memphis Center James Wiseman

Scouting Report

James Wiseman/ C-F/ Memphis

Player Strength:

Anticipation/ Instincts


Changing Ends


Floor running




Positional Size


Mid range shooting

Shot Blocking


Player Weaknesses:

Shooting range/3-point shooting

Experience (played only three college games)



Future Pro Potential:

All Star

Pro Player Comparison:

David Robinson

Overall Evaluation:

Wiseman has all of the tools to be the top pick in the NBA draft and a future building block for any franchise. He thrives on both ends already, which is rare for young bigs. I also believe you can’t pigeon hole him into being a traditional big, he’s very versatile with a versatile skill set and should be utilized as such, similar to what you see with Anthony Davis in LA. Yes, he needs to improve certain aspects of his game, especially due to him being limited to 3 games this season, but from what I hear, his work ethic is no concern so the improvement will come. With a player with hall of fame level potential, you don’t want to be the team known for passing on Wiseman down the line.

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