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The Probe Ep. 29 - North Carolina Point Guard Cole Anthony

Scouting Report

Cole Anthony/ Point Guard/ North Carolina

Player Strength's:


Ability to get in the lane

Ability to create space


Defensive Ability


Pick & Roll Ability

Reading screens


Scoring Ability


Player Weaknesses:


Shot selection

Consistent Playmaker

Shooting efficiency

Future Pro Potential:

Part Time All Star

Pro Player Comparison:

Jeff Teague

Overall Evaluation:

Cole has all of the natural gifts to flourish at the NBA level. He also has the competitive spirit as well. With the NBA more focused on freedom of movement and exciting guard play , I believe his game will translate better to the NBA level overall. He must improve his shot selection and playmaking ability, there’s no doubt about that. When teams send double and triple teams to slow him down, he will have to make the right reads and find teammates to make defenses pay, which is something he struggled with at UNC. If he figures these things out, he should be in the running for all star nods for years to come. If he continues to struggle in those areas, it’ll be hard for teams to build around him moving forward.

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