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The Probe Ep. 32 - Georgia Guard Anthony Edwards

Scouting Report:

Anthony Edwards / Guard/ Georgia

Player Strengths:

Ability to get into the lane

Ability to create space

Ability to defend multiple positions

Elite Athleticism

Court Vision

Defensive Ability



Pick n roll ability

Positional size

Reading Screens





Player Weaknesses:

Defending Pick & Roll/Fighting around screens

Consistent Playmaker

Shooting efficiency

Shot Selection

Future Pro Potential:

All Star

Pro Player Comparison:

David Thompson / Dwyane Wade

Overall Comparison:

It’s a battle between Edwards and LaMelo Ball as to who is the most talented player in the draft but Edwards physically, his frame and athleticism may be the difference. He has an nba body and will be among the better athletes as soon as he steps on the floor. Add in his skill set and you can understand why he has franchise star potential. To me he’s a combo of David Thompson and Dwyane Wade. He has Wades build, size, playmaking and David Thompson’s shooting ability along with both of their elite athleticism. He’s truly a freak. If he makes up his mind to be committed to mastering the details of the game

On both ends, like a Kobe Bryant, it’ll be no stopping him.

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