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Finest Magazine is an online magazine created to become the permanent platform for DMV (DC, MD & VA) basketball. celebrates DMV hoops, past, present and future. In the DMV, basketball has a proud history, inspiring presence and dominant future.

Finest Magazine will showcase basketball skills and abilities from all levels, such as AAU, High School, College and Pros. We will bring to the forefront the great talent of basketball we have in the DMV area. Finest Magazine will also educate elementary school children who display great promise for the future.

Finest Magazine is for players, coaches, trainers, mentors, organizers and scouts who put in work and long countless hours to make sure DMV basketball thrives. We pay homage to the history of DMV basketball, highlight past and present players, and give a heads up to the future. 

We definitely appreciate the support and look forward to showcasing DMV basketball non-stop for years to come. Thank you and enjoy!

Contact Us
If you have any questions about Finest Magazine or want to get more information you may contact us by e-mail at or

For advertising information with Finest Magazine, contact us below.

1 hour- $100
2 hours- $160
3 hours- $240
If no edits are needed we will deduct $20 for each hour off the final price.
1 Hour- $40
2 Hours-$80
3 Hours- $120


If both are requested we combine both prices for each so if its an hour for film an photos it would be $140 per hour.




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