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Remember Them Days - The Admiral Scores A Career High 71 Points

By Cardell Dudley

The date was April 24th,1994 the last game of the regular season for the San Antonio Spurs as they took on the LA Clippers. The Spurs unquestioned star, the Admiral David Robinson was engaged in a season long battle for the NBA's scoring title with another superstar center the Orlando Magic's Shaquille O'Neal. Entering the game against the Clippers all Robinson needed was 33 points to win the title over O'Neal. Fairly a given due to Robinson's talent and the Clippers ineptitude, however what would occur, no one could have predicted. Robinson would go on to DEMOLISH the Clippers. Scoring a career high 71 POINTS on 26-41 shooting (63%), 18-25 from the free throw line while also grabbing 10 rebounds dishing out five assist and blocking two shots. The performance was one for the ages as Robinson would become one of five players in NBA history to score over 70 points (Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, David Thompson and over a decade later Kobe Bryant). Many remember Robinson as the former star who took a backseat to another great big Tim Duncan in pursuit of a NBA Championship in the later stages of his career, which ultimately proved to be a wise move as Robinson would obtain multiple championships in the process. Although, before Tim became a Spur, the Admiral was as deadly a center the game has seen...this game cemented that once for and all. Take a look at how it all went down.

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