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Allen Iverson needs no introduction, the Answer is universally regarded as pound for pound the best little man to ever play the game. We all know about the crossover on Michael Jordan, the countless games of 30,40,50 and 60 points and of course how he literally put the Sixers on his back and carried them to the 2001 NBA Finals winning NBA MVP in the process. What most don't know about is the difficult journey he had to endure to get to that level, the hardship he had to overcome, the mountains he had to climb on AND off the court to become a no brainer future first ballot hall of famer. Now on May 16th, Showtime will bring us the true story on the Answer as IVERSON will premier on the network for all to see. We all have an appreciation for Allen Iverson the player obviously, although after this documentary, most (if not all) will have an appreciation for Allen Iverson the MAN. Check out the trailer below.


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