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The Probe Ep. 27 - Maryland Point Guard Anthony Cowan Jr

Scouting Report

Anthony Cowan Jr/ PG/ Maryland

Player Strength:

Ability to Get into the lane


Defensive Ability

IQ/Court Vision

Leadership ability

Level of Experience

Pick & Roll ability

Shooting (catch & shoot/off the bounce)



Player Weaknesses:

Ability to defend multiple positions


Positional Size

Future Pro Potential:

Part-time starter

Pro Player Comparison:

DJ Augustin

Overall Evaluation:

I get it, Cowans is a small point guard so will he be able to translate his game to the NBA level. I believe so due to the many ways he’s able to impact the game. Shot making from all three levels, being a willing defender, great at pick & roll actions, leader, good court vision and passing ability. With the right franchise I believe Cowans will develop and eventually shine in his role. Cowans is the same size as Kemba Walker, Trae Young and DJ Augustin and All three has had no problem adjusting to the NBA game. I just hope a team looks more at Cowans game instead of his physical stature when it comes time to make a decision. I can’t see them regretting it.

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