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The Probe Ep. 43 - Andrew Wiggins

In this episode we look at Warriors wing Andrew Wiggins who is quietly having a quality all around season for Golden State. Much has been made about Wiggins over the years, most of it has been unfair criticism in my eyes. Has he had moments that was subpar, yes, but he’s had more moments that made him the number one pick in 2014. Also, the quality of the organizations affect players more then most realize, which is why I felt Wiggins would blossom being a member of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors, which is a championship quality organization would put Wiggins in positions to maximize his talents on both ends of the court. Through 17 games this season, this has been exactly the case and Wiggins is playing the most consistent all around basketball of his career.

Two way Wigs is what the Warriors are calling Andrew Wiggins now after a resurgent start to the season with a high all around impact. The former number one overall pick has been the subject of much criticism throughout his career, most of which was unwarranted. Most people don’t realize that organizations affect the value of players. Minnesota, and I’m trying to be as respectful as possible, haven’t been on a winning track since the Garnett era. The only time they’ve made the playoffs since, Wiggins was a part of it. In Minnesota he played for four head coaches, that means four different systems, and different teammates. In Golden State you have stability and a championship culture which helps players grow. Yes Wiggins could’ve brought it more at times in Minnesota, but the value he brought far outweighed the negatives. He’s finally at a team that understands how to put him in a role that maximizes his all around game and talents, and you see the results. I see Wiggins getting better and better which means the Warriors are primed to be back In contention sooner then later.

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