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The Probe Ep. 31 - Villanova Forward Saddiq Bey

Scouting Report:

Saddiq Bey / Small Forward / Villanova

Player Strengths:

Ability to defend multiple positions


Solid Athlete



Positional size

Running the floor



Player Weaknesses:

Finishing at the rim

Lack of explosiveness

Defensive awareness


Future Pro Potential:

Part time all star

Pro Player Comparison:

Josh Howard

Overall Comparison:

As skilled as they come for a player his size coming out in the draft. Bey has all of the tools skill wise to make an impact in the league. The big question is will his average athleticism hinder him? He will face monsters at his position with The Lebrons, Kawhi’s, KD’s of the world, will he be able to hold his own on both ends against guys his size or bigger and more athletic? Time will tell. He is young so he still has room to grow physically and athletically. If that happens he will have every opportunity to prove he deserves to be mentioned in that group down the line, similar to the development of former Dallas Mavericks all star Josh Howard. To me they’re similar in how well they can score the ball, their defensive versatility and size. The difference is Howard played four years so he came out physically more mature for the NBA where, Bey May need some time to get to that point. If he does, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar career for Bey being a highly impactful two-way forward.

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