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Washington Mystics vs Seattle Storm Preview

Mystics 18-12 vs Storm 19-11

When: Sunday, July 31st, at 3:00p.m.

Where: Entertainment & Sports Arena

TV: Amazon Prime Video


Mystics: None

Storm: Mercedes Russell (Out, Head)

Keep an eye on:

Fourth Quarter Execution: from Washington dug the Mystics a huge hole that ultimately, despite their fourth quarter comeback, proved to be too much to climb out of. At the start of the fourth quarter, Washington trailed Seattle, 57-55. Over the first 3:33 of the fourth quarter, Washington turned the ball over three times and shot 0-5, resulting in a two point deficit quickly turning into a fifteen point deficit as they fell behind 70-55. Seattle, during that span, shot 6-8 from the field, forced three turnovers and grabbed four rebounds, holding the Mystics scoreless in the process. Washington eventually settled down and found a rhythm but it was too late as they fell 82-77. Washington has these lulls that are self inflicted and leads to them beating themselves. It's been the case in a lot of their losses this season. Putting together a better level of execution, specifically in the fourth quarter, will change that and help Washington put together a consistent string of wins for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.... this afternoon is as good a time as any to bring a full game of execution.

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