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Remember Them Days- Allen Iverson Goes Off For Career Playoff High 55 Points

By Cardell Dudley

Two years removed from a inspiring playoff run to the NBA finals and being named NBA All Star and regular season MVP, Allen Iverson career was at a crossroads. The sixers faced an uncertain 2002-2003 season. Defensive standout Dikembe Mutumbo was traded to the Nets prior to the start of the season. Iverson's backcourt running mates Eric Snow and Aaron Mckie both saw a decrease in production and ultimately minutes. All of this were vital reasons as to why the Sixers struggled in the early portion of the season. Finishing 48-34, the Sixers came into the playoffs with low expectations, a major drop from just two seasons previous where they were expected to make the finals, Plenty of questions surrounded the Sixers. Of course, Iverson ANSWERED them right away. In the very first game to kick off the 2003 playoffs against the veteran dominated Charlotte Hornets, Iverson put on one of the great playoff performances the NBA has seen. Iverson would torch the Hornets for 55 points (21-32 FG) and 8 assist as he led the Sixers to a 98-90 victory. "I caught a rhythm. The basket looked like an ocean, and I was just throwing rocks in,'' Allen Iverson said after the game. His teammates and the Hornets Head Coach Paul Silas summed up the historic performance perfectly.......

"The only player I've ever seen play like that was Michael Jordan,'' - Derrick Coleman

"It was the single-best performance I've ever been a part of,'' - Philadelphia's Keith Van Horn

"It's right up there with Mike's 63,'' - Hornets coach Paul Silas. Enough said. Watch the all time performance below.

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