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Remember Them Days - Curt "Trouble" Smith

"53 and 62", those are the amount of points DC hoops legend Curt "Trouble" Smith dropped against two of the best to come out the area, Muggsy Bogues and Steve Francis. Ask anyone involved with hoops who is old enough to have been around when he was going court to court destroying any and everybody, and you will get a consensus answer...Trouble is the best player from DC to have never made the NBA. At 5'10 between 175-195 (depending on what stage of his career you caught him at) he didn't pass the "eye test" as someone who would do much damage in a game, although once the game began, it was a different story. Trouble had every offensive skill in the book, lethal pat game, could shoot from anywhere and was unstoppable in the post, he was smart and of course as tough as they come, how else do you make your name on playgrounds throughout DC? The former DCIAA Player of the Year out of Coolidge (1989) and Missouri Valley Conference MVP as a standout at Drake (92-93), took his game to the minor league level at the professional ranks after not getting serious consideration from the NBA. As usual he dominated, France, Italy, Israel,Finland, the IBA, the IBL and the USBL, it didn't matter which league it was, he rose above the competition. Every summer however, Trouble returned home and gave NBA level competition all they could handle. The stamp of approval coming during the summer of 2000 in the famed Kenner League, located on the campus of Georgetown University. Trouble and his crew vs rising NBA star Steve Francis and his team. The entire DC area packed Mcdonough for the game. Trouble walked out with 62 points and the all important win, cementing his legend once and for all. " I can't say you nice til you show me longevity" is a rhyme from highly respected rapper Jadakiss, that line definitely hit home for me and it applies to the game of basketball 100 percent. It's not good enough to get it done for a game, for a series, or for one season, no, you have to consistently show up and perform everytime you step foot on the court. Thats the difference between the average, the good and of course the GREATS who become legends. Trouble got it done for two decades plus, and that's why he holds the ever elusive damn near impossible to get LEGEND status throughout DC hoop circles. Enjoy the highlights of Trouble below.

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