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Is Kevin Durant The Most COMPLETE Scorer EVER???

Now before the critics and all of the Wilt, Kareem, Jordan, Kobe, Bird die hards crucify me, hear me out on why I feel Kevin Durant just may be the most complete scorer the game has ever seen. I will start with the obvious, KD is 6'10 (6'11 to me lol) 235,240 with a 7 foot plus wingspan. He's as fast, quick, explosive and agile as the most athletic shooting guards in the league, but possesses the size of a power forward and some centers. Remember, Patrick Ewing was 7 feet 245 for comparisons. KD handles the ball like a point guard, and is a scorer that can SHOOT, which is a rare combination very few players throughout history has brought to the table. Durant is also a member of the prestigious 50/40/90 club, which are for players who finish a season shooting 50% from the field, 40% from 3-point range and 90% from the free throw line, he's one of six players ( Durant, Bird, Reggie Miller, Mark Price, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki) in the HISTORY of the game to accomplish that feat. Durant can score in every way from everywhere. Spot up three's, off the dribble three's, spot up mid range, off the dribble mid range, moving without the ball jumpers, shooting off the pick & roll, floaters, runners, lay-ups and dunks, there is no shot KD can't take and finish. Except one thing...scoring from the post. Every great scoring perimeter player eventually makes the transition to developing a post game, why? The player receives the ball closer to the basket where they can survey the floor, so when the inevitable double or triple team comes, the player is able to see it and either score easily or find their open teammate. It's also an effective way to attack without using a lot of energy, which is key for the being fresh enough for clutch situations late in the game. For years me and others have waited for KD to add this element to his game, where it will make him for sure the most feared scoring/playmaking threat in the NBA. This preseason he's been working out of the post more and more and all I can do is smile. Against Utah, he caught the ball mid post and began backing down his defender when the inevitable double came he spun the other way and shot a fade away jumper, all net. Indefensible! If this becomes a consistent addition to his game, nothing outside of injury will stop KD from torching the league and walking down the all time leading scorer Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Yes Wilt, MJ, Kobe, Bird, Kareem were all great scorers and im still leaving many others off the list, however, none of them brought the complete scoring package and efficiency to the table that Durant does. Wilt and Kareem were dominant 15 feet in, mostly from the block and in transition. Wilt was horrible from the free throw line as well. They were just so physically gifted and skilled on the block, they could overpower opponents time and time again. MJ and Kobe are almost just as complete but they're 6'6 and not as efficient from 3-point land and the stripe, although from the mid range, attacking off the dribble and posting up they're both masters. Mr Larry Bird maybe the only player that has brought the total scoring repertoire to the court that KD is bringing now. Bird was 6'9 225,230 and as I said earlier is a founding member of the 50/40/90 club. Bird had it all as well, the difference is KD is much more athletic an has him by a couple of inches. It should be sinking in why I say KD may be the most complete scorer we have ever seen and its due to his unique blend of size, skill and athleticism. No player before or since has had that complete package. I'm eager to see how KD matures operating out of the post, to me, it will bring an indefensible element not to just himself individually but to the team as well. That element will be key if a championship is to come to Oklahoma City this season and beyond. Time will tell.

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