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George Washington Men's Basketball Buff & Blue Scrimmage Notes

Scrimmage broadcast begins at the 1:01:07 mark

We got our first look at the 2020-2021 George Washington men’s basketball team on Thursday and the depth and versatility of the roster jumped out immediately. GW has two to three players that can make an impact at every position, which wasn’t the case last season. All in all, it was a good competitive first glimpse at what the the Colonials will be bringing to the floor this season. Here are some notes from the scrimmage.

Chase Paar, Jamison Battle and Jameer Nelson Jr were huge as freshman for GW and their impact will be even more pivotal this season if the team is to pile up more wins. You can see right away, that is the mission. Paar and Battle looked a lot leaner then they did last season which shows they worked on their body to be in better condition. They also added elements to their overall game which will create match-up problems for opponents. Paar displayed polish in the post, improved ball handling and passing when he pushed the ball up the floor. A-10 bigs won’t like having to sprint all game long to deal with Paar, but that’s what will be required to slow him down. Battle emerged as one of top of shooters in college as a freshman, yet, during the scrimmage he showed off his improved ball handling and midrange shooting to compliment his elite 3-point shooting ability, speaking of which, Battle knocked down I believe five triples in a row at one point during the scrimmage. Now defenders will have to worry about him being a scoring threat from all three levels. Nelson Jr passed the ball well, making great decisions when looking to find teammates for scoring opportunities, which at times he struggled with last season as a freshman. His on ball defense however was most impressive. Nelson used his great quickness and explosiveness to steal the ball from Bishop a couple of times for dunks and to slow down opposing guards from getting by him trying to snake screens. Meanwhile he was his usual self breaking down the defense and finishing inside. The returning sophomore trio looks ready to make the jump many expects and take the A10 by storm.

⁃ James Bishop reminded everyone why he was so coveted coming out of high school....he’s a natural scorer. Bishop scored the ball at will, from all three levels and every way possible. He’s as crafty as it gets with putting the ball in hole. The only negative in his performance were the sloppy turnovers. But that will improved as he continues to adjust to his teammates once the games begin. Look for Bishop to be someone Jamion Christian leans on to get a basket if the offense becomes stagnant during the season.

⁃ Hunter Dean is a super athletic big that will be a Smith Center favorite once the season begins, ( and if this COVID pandemic becomes a memory). He can run the floor, finish well at the basket and is always a threat to put defenders in the basket. He’s a capable 3-point shooter too. Dean will be a consistent target for lobs from Colonial guards throughout the season.

⁃ Freshman Noel Brown, Tyler Brelsford fit right in and you can see that they’re comfortable, which is key to the success of any freshman. It was fun seeing Brown battle Paar in the post. Paar got the better of him, but Brown dished out some blows inside as well, finishing inside, altering shots and rebounding the ball. Brelsford scored well in transition and gave an early look at his excellent court vision and passing ability. Lincoln Ball didn’t have the best night offensively, but made some plays defensively, especially moving his feet when opposing guards tried to attack him off the bounce and getting timely steals. The freshman have talent and will get an opportunity to contribute this season.

- Matt Moyer played in the post for the most part at Syracuse and Vanderbilt, yet, at 6'9, he was out on the perimeter during the scrimmage. He looked very comfortable making plays off the bounce, defending out on the perimeter and being a vocal leader. He has the most experience on the team as Christian mentioned during the broadcast and will be key to helping speed up the learning curve of his younger counterparts.

⁃ Sloan Seymour is another sniper added to the equation. Him and Battle together will give opponent fits with their long range shooting. Seymour has size, a quick trigger and is highly efficient. With the way GW can move the ball, Seymour should shine this upcoming season.

GW was picked to finish 11th in the conference in the 20-21 preseason poll, yet, with the talent and chemistry I saw on display during the scrimmage, its not far fetch for GW to be in the mix as the surprise of the conference.


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