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NBA Playoffs: Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers Game 4 Preview

Wizards 0-3 vs Sixers 3-0

When: Monday, May 31st, at 7p.m.

Where: Capital One Arena, Washington, DC

TV: TNT / Radio: WFED 1500 AM


Wizards: None

Sixers: None

Wizards -

105.3 - points per game

125.7 - points against

44.9 - Field Goal %

Sixers -

125.7 - points per game

105.3 - points against

54.5 - Field Goal %

Keep an eye on:

Toughness: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally is what it will take for Washington to force a fifth game in this series. At this point, both teams know what each other is trying to, it's just a matter of which team is tough enough to execute and compete for a full 48 minutes. Russell Westbrook put it perfectly when asked what is needed to avoid a four game sweep following the Wizards game three loss, "We gotta be tough. Win or go home. Ain't really too much to talk about." Enough said!

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